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Flexible - Internet-Friendly - Easy Install - Keyless Entry - Surrogate Speaker Type

  • Apartment Phone Entry System as 
    Simple to Install as Old Style Type

This apartment building telephone door intercom system is a hardwired system which can be optionally installed with no involvement whatsoever with residents phone lines and building phone wirelines. To builders, contractors and building owners who are conservatively looking for a system that is as simple and safe to install as the old mural type of apartment intercom system, this is a perfect solution. 

In fact, this apartment telephone door intercom system is even simpler to install and use than the usual mural type with 3-button speaker boxes on the kitchen wall. When the system is installed in the stand-alone mode, only one pair of twisted wires (CAT5 or CAT3) need to be run to each apartment unit from the lobby room, not 4 or 5. That single pair will handle both intercom talk and door release.  

  • A Telephone Set as Indoor Station

With this apartment door intercom system, there is no need for special indoor speaker boxes. Any low-cost trimline phone ($6.00 - $10.00) will do as indoor intercom station. In fact, any type of phone can be used. The system delivers crystal-clear telecom-grade audio at the handset and the entry panel with no static, no chirping calling tones that so much hurt resident's ears, no loud and disruptive (and often garbled) talk off the indoor and lobby speaker boxes. Handset will ring on guest calls for as long as 60 seconds.

A low-cost cordless phone (now priced under $20.00) will give residents freedom to move around the kitchen if need be while attending to a visitor at the lobby. User hits a button on phone keypad to release the door if he/she decides to let arriving guest in.

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